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Security and Telecom Markets

GCC Secure provides innovating Telecom Monitoring and Exploitations Solutions to fit the needs of Security and Telecomm Markets.

Strategic Interception
Under certain conditions, it is required by law for Telecom providers to provide Law Enforcement Agencies with comprehensive access to the communication records of network subscribers. Interception infrastructure must be integrated into the networks of the service providers in order to acquiesce to requests and supply this data. GCC Secure offers best-of-breed, strategic interception systems that allow Telecom service providers to comply with this requirement both ethically and legally.

Cellular Positioning
Most cellular communication service providers utilize a Location Services (LCS) system in order to satisfy either Commercial (providing location services to users directly or indirectly) or Regulatory (LEA / E911) requirements. On the whole, the need for regulatory compliance is the most common motivation for the procurement and deployment of a security solution.

The Cellular Positioning infrastructure offered by GCC Secure allows all network operators, regardless of the previously installed technologies, to collect the desired information.

Tactical Products and Systems
Another solution offered by GCC Secure, developed in-house specifically for tactical needs, is the TORNADO System. The company offers two versions of the system, and each one has been developed with specific goals in mind. One is customized for security and intelligence applications, while the other is better suited for civilian and commercial applications. Regardless of which version is best for your needs, you can rest assured, knowing that your organization’s requirements will be thoroughly satisfied by the all-in-one GCC Secure development team.