Hotels & Shopping Malls

Security solutions are required in every walk of life, and the retail and hospitality sectors are no different.
The industries of retail and leisure continue to grow in the region, with hotels and shopping malls getting bigger and better, continually expanding. The security and protection of visitors is of utmost priority to retailers and mall developers. 

GCC Secure has extensive experience in supplying the leading tailor made solutions for hotels and shopping malls through its top of the line security products and systems. Typical projects for the retail and hospitality industries include a combination of:
  • Barriers & Access Entry, including arm barriers, bollards, gates and more
  • CCTV & IVA, including facial recognition and LPR (license plate recognition)
  • Command & Control System– Synch emergency services with the on the ground security staff
Projects can also include full integration of the various security products and platforms – whether it be existing security physical infrastructure, or are setting up new security infrastructure – all managed through our Command and Control System. This would allow for a single and central management system for on the ground security personnel to monitor all aspects of security, synch with any needed emergency response teams and provide the quickest response time to any possible alerts, theft or attack.

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