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Tactical products and systems

Tactical Products and Systems

The GCC Secure Tactical Off-the-air Resource for Network Applications and Devices Observation, also known as TORNADO, is a comprehensive solution that encompasses a suite of tactical intelligence systems. The TORNADO has two primary functions: civilian and commercial applications, and intelligence and security applications. The system was designed in-house by the security experts at GCC Secure, and it provides superior flexibility and ease of use. Once you decide to equip your organization with the TORNADO, the dedicated development team at GCC Secure is prepared to customize the system to your required specifications.

With advanced features including extended range support, diverse location monitoring options, and the ability to integrate with externally-located Strategic Cellular Positioning and MC systems, there is no doubt that the TORNADO is best in its class.

A wide range of configurations is available to suit clients’ needs. The handheld, backpack, and aerostat configurations of the TORNADO system by GCC Secure allow for increased discretion during covert operations that require close contact. Additional configurations include a ruggedized suitcase and vehicular mounts; more are available upon request.
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The intuitive User Interface (UI) of the system guarantees that users have complete control over every aspect of the multifunctional system. The web-based application allows for remote browser access on any device, without the need for additional software installation. The UI’s processing server was developed with an emphasis on usability. As a result, there is no need for operators to have previous telecom and technical experience or specialized training in order to successfully navigate the system.

  • A minimally-invasive system that can be used to harvest cellular data and identity information from LTE, UMTS, and GSM devices in a defined coverage area
  • Relevant enterprises: border controls, security organizations, law enforcement agencies, etc.

Cellular Extractor
  • A comprehensive system for positioning and tactical interception
  • Operations available for 2G networks:
○ Scanning and locating all base transceiver stations (BTSs) for local networks
○ Mimicking an actual BTS by executing the necessary parameters
○ Extracting location information and enabling DF by syncing which local mobile stations (MS)
○ Cloning of MS to allow for interception
  • Operations available for 3G and 4G networks:
○ Recording extremely accurate distance measurements that can be triangulated from multiple units, and enabling direction finding (DF)
○ Reducing targets from 3G or 4G to 2G, so that they can be handled as 2G entities

Cellular Extractor Features
  • Extraction of identifying information
  • Multiple location tracking modes
  • Traffic modification (data and SMS) and direct interception (SMS, voice, raw data)
  • Additional support for extended range operations
  • Suggested markets: law enforcement, military, intelligence organizations, etc.

Manual Direction Finding
  • A sophisticated, handheld DF unit - much more than a simple receiver
  • Technological specifications:
○ Longer ranges than previous models
○ Resistant to interferences like other local transmissions on the same frequency
○ Capability to home in on multiple targets simultaneously
  • Unique in the field and best-of-breed
  • Possibility of upgrading to a comprehensive location sensor

Cellular Firewall
  • Developed for managing access (also known as selecting jamming) of LTE, UMTS, and GSM cellular devices
  • Prominent features of the system:
○ Selectively allowing access for phones with prior authorization
○ Disabling service for unverified devices
○ Active location monitoring for specifically targeted devices
  • Relevant enterprises: sensitive sites, bomb squads, imprisonment facilities, etc.

Cellular Locator
  • Location tracking for phones that use LTE, UMTS, and GSM networks
  • Relays location information with different accuracy depending on available resources
  • Active positioning can also be enabled
  • Suggested markets: security organizations and law enforcement agencies