personal ballistic

Personal Ballistic Protection

Personal Protective Vest

An extensive variety of battle-proven Personal Ballistic Protection is offered, designed to provide with maximum comfort and the highest ballistic protection.  In production robust yet lightweight ballistic fabrics (woven and non-woven) are comprised.

Hard Protection Panels

Various options of Hard Armor panels are available. Insert plates for upgrading the ballistic level in order to defeat NIJ Standards Levels:  III, III+, III++, IV ). Hard armor plates include  different ceramics (Alumina, Silicon Carbide, Boron Carbide)  backed with different composite...

Mobile Armor Protection

The mobile armor protection is a highly efficient and cost effective fully mobile armor solution, and modular protection system instantly creating a personal safety zone inside any vehicle. The mobile armor protection product fits on any car seat. No structural changes to the vehicle are necessary. The device...

Ballistic Proof Podium

Ballistic proof podiums are a cost effective solution, easily handled and maneuvered that comes with durable wheels. The podium provides outstanding ballistic resistance against:      NIJ-STD-010108 Level III+ (7.62*51 FMJ, 7.62*39 MSC)      STANG 4569 L-1 (5.56*45...