command control

Command and Control

The next generation of command and control (CC)
Our system is a new and innovative Physical Security Information Management system (PSIM), which combines a comprehensive security management software with a robust smart phone application, enabling organizations to effectively manage all their security, safety and logistical requirements from one place.

Our system is the one stop shop, all-in-one cloud based PSIM including:cc4
  • All in one PSIM combining security, safety & logistics
  • The only Cloud-enabled complete solution
  • Full control, 24/7, anytime, anywhere
  • Verified and Secure
  • Dedicated mobile app
  • Future-proof solution

What is the CC software?
The command and control software and apps allows information/cyber, safety, logistics security officers manage manpower, procedures and technology in day-to-day routine and in emergencies.

It interfaces with all organization systems and links all end users through a mobile app. This CC software was in development for three years, a company that employs the very best specialists in information and physical security.

The software includes the majority of software and apps for organizations currently sold or developed separately. This was done to improve, manage and integrate performance parameters of organizational systems, to make redundant some of the integrations required of organizations, and thus reduce costs to clients.

It allows for efficient management of technological systems and of information security, safety, logistics and security teams of the organization in one database. This software is designed for installation in secured sites and facilities, such as smart cities, banks, offices, factories, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, airports and many more.


Two Main Applications:
  • A systems manager app installed on the company server or Cloud (per client specifications), managed in a CC center and/or personal tablet of security officer.
  • A user app (for security guards/employees) installed on personal smartphones.

cc2The range of apps and systems included:
  • An open-design command and control system that allows for the integration of fire, alarm, closed circuit TV, and entrance monitoring systems
  • A smartphone-based independent entrance monitoring system (for doors and gates)
  • An organizational event log for automatic report generation that allows for data triangulation
  • A SIM (security information system) for cyber-attack alerts
  • A mobile-based internal communication system
  • Encrypted message system for internal communications
  • Tracking system of transport routes, patrols and/or company fleet
  • Announcement system, text message and voicemail system
  • Global distress signaling system for employees operated by button, timer and/or motion sensor
  • Organizational competence management system (equipment and personnel)
  • Organizational inventory management system
  • Report generating system that computerizes all organizational reports
  • Visitor/supplier management system
  • Task management system
  • Work hours and wages management system
  • Structure management – logistics and maintenance
  • Structure specs profile and protocol management system
  • Emergency protocol management system
  • Weaponry inventory management system

The Advantages of the CC Software
The software can interface with all security systems within an organization, including alarms, fraud prevention, alerts of cyber-attacks, safety, entrance monitoring, and closed circuit cameras. It may also be activated through encrypted communications on Cloud without any need for a designated server, thereby sparing companies unnecessary expenditures on expensive accessory equipment for the system.

One Stop Solution
With the CC software solution – it’s a one-stop fully integrated solution that:
  • integrates with all security tools and personnel into one unified command and control system
  • allows simple management of the entire security operations from one screen
  • leverages the users’ mobile phone for real time security management and response

One system for all
Whether or not integrated with our range of security solutions and products and/or your own existing system – the Command and Control system can be implemented easily into existing security infrastructures and consolidate your command into one system.

This solution is relevant to customers in a wide range of sectors including:
  • Government Ministries
  • Safe City & Smart City
  • Critical Infrastructure, Port and Transportation
  • Emergency Forces & First Responders
  • Law Enforcement and Security Agencies
  • Hotels & Building Management
  • Commercial Facilities& Factories
  • Insurance and Healthcare companies