A central tool for controlling and obtaining real time information critical for security and safety management are security cameras. Cameras are run and monitored 24/7 through call centers, control rooms and analytical tool management systems helping to maintain order and law in the city and provide critical information in the case of any crime, threat or attack. There are various types of cameras, each with its unique feature including:
  • PTZ - Camera controlled by the operator and automatically focuses on an unusual event according to analytics, pressing the panic button, noise and so on.
  • Fixed Camera - Camera focuses on fixed area such as a main axis and a cause permanent analytics can be run.
  • License Plate and Face Recognition - Camera recognition software enabled different action rule triggers based on recognition of figures and action, most especially when listed as suspicious in the database.
  • Hidden Camera - installed in places where there is a need to observe in disguise.

Video Analytics - LPR & Face Recognition

In locations where there is a large number of sensor management, the capacities of multi-skilled agents are limited – human and manual analysis does not allow for rapid response to an unusual event. Therefore, analytic tools and software trigger meaningful and attention worthy events based on any deviation according to a built-in analytics.

Examples of events triggered by factors in analytics:
  • Identify entries and exits
  • Suspicious objects
  • Driving in the wrong direction
  • Suspicious vehicle ID No.
  • Tracking of vehicles moving quickly or suspiciously
  • Parking Control
  • Excessive noise
  • Face recognition