GCC Secure is a unique cyber and homeland security solutions company established by experienced high-tech and security experts. Based in Kuwait and Hong Kong, its mission is to provide best-of-breed cyber and homeland security systems, technologies and total, turn-key solutions to organizations who are facing the significant security challenges and threats existing today and are expected tomorrow.

GCC Secure has a significant and proven operational track record in the development, launch and deployment of advanced cyber security solutions, command & control, intelligence and protection systems and software and hardware security. Our executive team, made up of experts across a diverse spectrum of disciplines, has a substantial and proven track record covering years of experience in security and high-tech systems.

In addition to providing everything from a single product to a full turn-key solution, GCC Secure and its team have been involved in providing our clients with advanced protection and security methodologies and highly effective and advanced training for security forces, based on the proven approaches which have been effectively tested in the field.

Meet the team:

Khaled1Khaled Fahd Aldbaeis - CEO

Khaled Fadh Aldbaeis is a lawyer and partner at Aldbaies Group LLP, operating within the Kuwaiti judiciary. He is both a member of the Kuwaiti Lawyers Association and a member of the International Union of Lawyers (UIA). He has significant experience in commercial litigation, international arbitration, and resolution of international disputes. The majority of his legal studies and research work has centered on International Arbitration. Aldbaeis has pleaded in front of several international courts, including those of the United Kingdom, London, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, the Republic of Lebanon, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.

As CEO, Khaled Fahd Aldbaeis aims to use his legal expertise to bring innovative technologies and solutions in the fields of homeland, corporate, and cyber security to the Gulf Countries.



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